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As one of the key manpower suppliers from Nepal, AMITY GLOBAL EMPLOYMENT SERVICES (AGES) fully support the vision and goals of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA). RBA has given and showed a sustainable business culture for the industry. We align our business and operations to promote the elements emphasize by RBA, this include freely chosen employment, promoting a safe environment, environmentally sustainable, zero cost recruitment, business ethical and implementing management system. We also need your support working with us while we are promoting RBA elements within our organizations. You may strengthen our decision to fulfill the RBA Code of Conduct by the following ways:

  1. Read and understand the RBA Code of Conduct and Principles
  2. Compliance with the code
  3. Conduct self-evaluation ensure conformity
  4. Cooperate with us if an audit required
  5. Notify us that you learn of items of non-compliance

While we are implementing RBA Code of Conduct, we also strongly recommend you consider implementing RBA Code of Conduct within your organization if you have not done so.

Amity commits to progressively align its operations with the provisions of RBA Code of Conduct and to support and encourage its all the sub-agent, supplier, and customer to do so.

Wherever possible, Amity will seek to adopt the RBA approach and tools in practical ways in the spirit of the industry’s common goals. Some of the labor standards we comply at AGES are as follows:

Freely-Chosen Employment
  • Any type of forced, involuntary or exploitative prison, indentured, bonded, trafficked or slave Labor not used.
  • Adequate and effective policy and procedures established to ensure no form of forced, bonded, involuntary or exploitative prison, trafficked or slave labor is used.
  • The provided written terms of contract to the workers in the native language and verbally explained prior employment.
  • No holding of government issued identification and original personal documentations by any parties.
  • Unreasonable restriction of the workers, and their access to basic liberties.
Young Worker
  • Workers are not below the minimum age.
  • Established adequate and effective policy and processed to ensure workers below the legal minimum working age are not hired.
  • Workers below age of 18 not performing work likely jeopardizing health & safety and night work or overtime.
  • Adequate and effective apprentice/intern/student worker employment and policies and procedures
Working Hours
  • Hours worked in a workweek over the last 12 months does not exceed 60 hours.
  • Workers receive at least one day off every seven days.
  • Adequate and effective policy, system and procedures are established to accurately determine, communicate, record, manage and control working hours including overtime, reliable and detailed records of workers normal and overtime working hours.
  • Allow mandated breaks, holidays, and vacation days, include time off when ill or for maternity leave.
Wages & Benefits
  • Wages for regular and overtime hours are correctly calculated and paid.
  • For each pay period, workers are paid on a timely basis and provided with understandable wage statements that includes sufficient information to verify accurate compensation for work performed.
  • Wages are not deducted or reduced for disciplinary reasons.
  • Deductions or withholding are calculated correctly and submitted to the appropriate agency within the local law time frame.
Humane Treatment
  • No evidence of sexual harassment or abuse, corporal punishment, mental or physical coercion, verbal abuse or intimidation exists.
  • Adequate and effective policies and procedures on decent/humane working conditions and fair treatment of workers are established.
  • Disciplinary actions are recorded, consistent with the procedures and reviewed by management.
  • No evidence of discrimination.
  • Policies and procedures that ban discrimination and harassment are established.
  • Reasonable accommodation for religious practices is provided.
Freedom of Association
  • Workers can form or enroll in a trade union of their own free will.
  • Legal rights of all workers to bargain collectively, or refrain from doing so, are respected.
  • Participants respect the legal right for a worker to peaceful assemblyor refrain from doing so, are respected.
  • No evidence of unequal treatment between unionized or worker representatives and other workers exists.

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